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Northern Greece Logistics Center


Sindos industrial area

Total area

3.000 m2


2.500 m2

Type A bonded customs warehouse


500 m2

Shipments / year

˜13.500 international shipments


International freight: 120 associated vehicles
Domestic freight: 3-4 cargo taxis
Warehouse: 3 forklift (electric and internal combustion) and manual pallet movement means (pallet jack – transpallet)


A 500 m2 delivery lobby for simultaneous loading/unloading of 2 trucks (13.60 m) with 2 electro-hydraulic docks and a 300 m2 external dock for simultaneous loading/unloading of 6 domestic freight trucks

Human Resources

21 people


ISO 9001:2000
Fire safety certificate by the fire Department

Destination countries

Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey

Goldair cargo has a specialised Logistics Centre in Thessalonica, which handles international freight to and from Northern Greece, offering speed and immediate service. The centre is housed in a privately owned building at the Sindos industrial Area and constitutes a hub for freight shipments of companies based in Northern Greece.

Goldair cargo Thessalonica has a strong network of regular forwarders, in the framework of the company’s broader strategical decision to form longterm professional cooperation relationships, and as a result, it has established strong freight routes to and from European countries. Serving major trade centres in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria and having specialised in groupage freight, the Thessalonica Centre offers flexible solutions to its customers guaranteeing a steady and uninterrupted flow of merchandise.

Furthermore, Goldair cargo Thessalonica has a presence in cargo freight to and from ‘Macedonia’ International Airport, as well as the port of Thessalonica, covering international freight from the Far East, America and Europe. Our type A bonded customs warehouse is a strong competitive advantage, which gives us the ability to store bonded (not cleared) goods originating from countries outside the EU, third party merchandise (warehousing) and provide customs clearance and release services from our warehouse.

The Thessalonica facility has operational independence and handles shipments to and from regions under its direct coverage without delays resulting from intervention by the Athens branch.

Indicative clients:

Alumyl, Systems Sunlight, Exalco, Oxette-Loisir, Ζakoma (Masoutis group), Kleemann Hellas, Enimex, Doppler, Hellenic Fabrics, Fibran-Anastasiadis, Hellenic Vehicle Industry, Palaplast, Olympia Electronics, Exel Group, CMS, Baklatsidis, Sekap, Delta Pi, Steropal, Tsagalopoulos





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