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Corporate Social Responsibility

«Every art and every method, as with every action and intention, must aim at goodness.»


We believe that the role of every company should not be limited exclusively to the generation of revenue and profits. Enterprises are an integral part of society, that is why, we, at Goldair cargo, operate with sensitivity and a sense of duty, always striving to be a productive and responsible corporate citizen. At a time that the global economy requires flexibility and qualitative stability, and societies have prioritised environmental awareness and a responsible corporate presence altogether within the fabric of society, the companies ought to respond, consistently and reliably, to the expectations of their customers and their social partners. In this framework, Goldair cargo, is evolving and moving forward with a pioneering spirit and a modern philosophy. Because for us, sustainable growth is not just a corporate goal, but a commitment we have undertaken towards our customers, the environment, our employees and the future generations.


We strive to decrease the environmental impact from our business activity and office operation. Our company is certified according to ISO140001 standard and our facilities use an energy and water saving system, which implements the use of photocells for lighting in public areas and toilets and translucent panels for natural light during the day. Furthermore, we use recycled consumables and have an organised system for recycling paper, plastic and wood from packaging and other uses in place.

Furthermore, we improved our freight plan, so that we can maintain movements of trucks not fully loaded at a minimum, and utilise, were possible, train freight, in order to decrease emissions. At the same time, in the framework of our policy on steady cooperation with selected Goldair cargo drivers, we make sure that the trucks we use are maintained on a regular basis and meet the Euro 5 emissions standards, in order to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions from our road freight activities, as much as possible.

Local communities

Goldair cargo operates with respect to local communities that host our facilities. Our company’s inherent value is the harmonious co-existence that benefits both sides. Within this framework, Goldair cargo sponsors the local team of the Municipality of Aspropirgos, from which the company has recently received an award, for its good operating practice and contribution to the region. Moreover, a significant number of our employees come from local communities. Therefore, we consider residents of nearby areas as our own people, and it is our obligation, as one of the largest Greek companies in the international freight sector, to become a force of progress and growth for the community.


Goldair cargo operates and grows by aiming at the provision of first-rate services to its customers with reliable freight solutions that boost Greek entrepreneurship. Our basic commitment is for our services to correspond not only to the customer’s requirements, but also to our quality standards. We seek to provide quality services for optimal and most reliable cargo transportation, as well as, quality in our facilities and the means we use.

At the same time, we place great emphasis in ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment that offers our employees excellent work conditions, as well as, career development prospects within the company.





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